Scott Anderson was referred to me by a neighbor. I needed a licensed and insured contractor to handle our electrical needs for our unfinished basement. He came to our house and met with us for over two hours to fully understand what we planned with the space. He gave us suggestions and followed up after the meeting with a drawn design plan and estimate of cost. We had other bids and he was right on target with his estimate. Once hired, he discussed our designs with our other contractors (cabinet, low voltage media, plumber) so he knew exactly where to place the lighting and outlets for functionality, safety, and appeal. He was flexible with our schedule and sensitive to our time constraints and those of our contractors. Scott also handled the permits and inspections for the city.

He did a great job with everything and his recommendations were exactly what was needed for the functionality of the space. One day he even stopped by to change the color of our outlet cases on our bar so they would match the wood and blend in! He never charged me for the cases or his time in re-installing them. For our low voltage needs (phone, cable, internet), he referred me to a very good independent contractor. In addition to completing our basement, he also installed lights, dimmers, and outlets in our kitchen, dining room, and outside lighting. I was extremely pleased with his work in those spaces as well. Now that we have found Scott for our electrical needs, I will never hire anyone else. I not only trust his recommendations and the fact that he does a great job, I also know he is experienced with all types of electricity and cares about the safety of our home.

Description of work:
Completed the electrical design and installation for our entire basement (bar, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, and media space) which included (not limited to); electric routing/boxes, fireplace, lighting, and media/tv/av needs. Scott also installed some pendant lighting, dimmers, and recessed lighting for our kitchen, dining room, and outside lighting.